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C2 Manual A/C Fan Control System
C2 Manual A/C Fan Control System

Delta "T" Systems' robust and reliable C2 Control System is designed as a basic, inexpensive control system, which allows for the manual variable speed control of one or more three-phase fans within the engine room using a single control station. The C2 Control System may be configured to accept single or three-phase input power to the adjustable speed drive(s), depending on the available power aboard the vessel. The system also provides the capability to shut down all engine room fans in the event of an engine room discharge of the fire system, which adds an extra margin of safety to the C2 Control System. Provision for an emergency ventilation shut down switch as well as an emergency over-ride switch are also included.

All of Delta "T" Systems' controls and other components are fully bench and load-tested at the factory before being shipped to our customers.


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