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DCT2 Automatic/Manual D/C Fan Control System
DCT2 Automatic/Manual D/C Fan Control System

This new fan control system is designed to automatically control engine room ventilation in applications using Delta "T" Systems D/C fans, as well as provide a low and high-speed option for manual operation. In the Auto Mode, the unit senses engine room temperature and starts the fans at low speed as the space heats up. Running the fans at reduced speed lowers the noise levels generated and reduces the current draw to roughly 25%, easing the load on the electrical system. If the temperature in the space continues to rise, the system will automatically set the fans to full speed. As the space cools the fans switch back to reduced speed, and then turn off automatically. In the Manual Mode, the system allows the operator to set the fan speed to Low, High, or Off.

Advantages of the DCT2 Control System include:
• Efficient automatic operation
• Two speed manual control
• Reduced noise
• Reduced current draw
• Small size
• Maintenance free
• Simple installation
• Fire System Shutdown capability
• Affordable


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