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Multiple Compartment Ventilation System
Multiple Compartment Ventilation System

Head Vent System

The Head Vent System was designed to fill the need for simple yet cost effective ventilation of the heads or other small spaces on board a vessel. It has been designed to be a self-contained unit that houses all of the main components inside one central plenum box. 

The Head Vent System is available in both manual and automatic versions. When an occupant enters one of the heads on board the vessel, the system is initiated either with the flip of a switch on the manual system, or the fully automatic system uses a motion sensor to start the flow of air. Once started, the Head Vent System will continue to provide quiet yet efficient air extraction from the occupied head. When the occupant leaves the head and shuts off the switch (or simply vacates a head with the automatic version of the Head Vent System) the system will continue to run for two to three minutes and then shut down automatically. 

The benefits of the Head Vent System over the standard head-ventilating fan include the following:

-A single quiet yet efficient blower is remotely located
-The Head Vent System is much more powerful and effective than standard head fans
-A single exhaust duct means only one vent hole leaving the boat
-Compact plenum box contains all major components in one easy-to-install package

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Head Vent System
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