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Moisture Eliminator "Mist Eliminator"
Moisture Eliminator "Mist Eliminator"

Function and Operation
The Delta "T" Systems moisture "mist" eliminator is an impingement-type separator designed for vertical installation and horizontal airflow. The individual profiles are specially curved and shaped to turn the airflow as it passes over the profile surface. As the entrained liquid droplets have a higher mass than the air, the liquid cannot make the turn as easily as the gas flow, and inertia forces the droplets against the surface of the profile. The liquid forms a film that is pushed along the profile into an area of low pressure located behind the hook. The liquid film is allowed to coalesce into larger droplets and then drains out via gravity at 908 relative to the airflow. The specially curved shape of the Delta "T" Systems moisture eliminator provides a low drag coefficient that allows higher velocities without excessive pressure drop. At higher velocities, smaller drops are removed due to increased inertial forces, and higher efficiencies are achieved.

Type and Materials
Profiles are available in Polypropylene (white or black), PVC, Aluminum and FRP. These profiles are extremely durable and provide a corrosion free, high strength composite moisture eliminator. Housings are available in PVC, Aluminum, and Modified Acrylic Resin and are designed for the specific application. The profile packs can be used as a single stage for optimum pressure drop characteristics with good particle separation (10-20 Micron range) or in multiple-stage systems using a coalescing material to optimize the particle separation (1 - 10 Micron range). It is our objective to design each system for maximum particle separation, minimum pressure drop, opening size, and weight for a minimal cost. We will work with you to provide as much, or as little, engineering assistance as you may require. Marine system design is "boiler plate" for Delta "T" Systems. With over 11,000 proven applications completed, we have a system or a product to fulfill your needs and budget.

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