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Redneck Fans 11 to 30 inches
Redneck Fans 11 to 30 inches

Redneck Fans produced by Delta “T” Systems are specifically designed and built for the rigors of the marine environment — not adapted from other industries. Flanged housings of welded class 1 PVC provide lightweight and excellent corrosion resistance. Assembly hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel for long life.

Redneck Fans use premium efficiency three phase and single phase direct drive motors in order to provide quiet yet efficient continuous duty service. Available with “CE” Classification, 50 or 60 HZ, and optional I-EEE-45 Certification, these motors are designed for worldwide applications and can be provided in nearly any voltage configuration. Standard motor sizes range from 3/4 HP to 10 HP.

Corrosion resistant aluminum hubs are secured directly to the motor shaft using multiple locking methods for enhanced safety and reliability. Fan blades are non-corrosive polypropylene composite and are factory balanced for smooth operation and long life cycles. The high performance airfoil blade shape provides for exceptional flow characteristics and low sound levels. Redneck Fans have a non-overloading characteristic; the peak power input occurs within the range of normal operating pressures and is always exceeded by the motor rating.

Our Redneck series fans are available in 7 standard sizes from 11” ID to 30” ID.

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New Redneck Fans

RedneckIntroducing Delta “T” Systems’ new line of kit fans. High output designs assemble in minutes. Available in 7 standard sizes from 12 to 30 inches.

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