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Standard Rectangular Dampers
Standard Rectangular Dampers

Delta “T” Systems’ robust rectangular dampers are custom sized and manufactured to any required specification. The frame and blades are manufactured from anodized marine grade aluminum. Powder coating in any color is also available to suit the application and add an extra level of protection. Both electric and pneumatic actuation are available for all size dampers and each actuation method provides a means for manual damper closure, if necessary. 

All linkage and side seals are precision crafted from marine grade stainless steel for maximum service life and dependability in the harsh offshore environment. Silicone blade seals ensure a secure closure of any compartment when the damper is closed. 

Delta “T” Systems’ electric actuation is available in both AC and DC power. The fail-safe nature of the electric actuation will automatically close the damper in the event of a power loss to the actuator.

Pneumatic actuation of Delta “T” Systems’ line of rectangular dampers requires only 70 PSI to release the blades and provide instantaneous spring loaded closure of the air duct. Pneumatic actuation may be achieved through an onboard pneumatic supply line or with an optional Actuator Gas Cylinder (DTSI Part Nos. 273-P150/12 or 273-P150/24). Dampers may also be manually actuated and reset from outside of the damper housing.

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