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Turning Vanes
Turning Vanes

Turning vane sections are available in all sizes for use with Delta "T" Systems' line of A/C Axial Fans. Turning vane sections have been engineered to straighten out the rotational forces of the air as it leaves the fan housing in order to enhance the linear flow of the air column. This leaves a cleaner and more efficient airflow, which results in higher fan efficiencies, higher airflow pressures, and more effective distribution throughout the engine room. These sections are made from durable FRP and are designed specifically for marine duty use within the engine room environment.

New Redneck Fans

RedneckIntroducing Delta “T” Systems’ new line of kit fans. High output designs assemble in minutes. Available in 7 standard sizes from 12 to 30 inches.

New C2 Control System

C2Delta "T" Systems New C2 Control System Provides Optimal Ventilation Management
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