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This operating display is used whenever there is a single fan, or all the fans in the systems have the same function. As an example, there are three axial fans, but they are all intake or exhaust fans. The ship builder has no combination of operation desired in these applications.

Spec Sheet – TC Control System


TC Ventilation Touch Control System

As the capability of electrical and electronic devices that are used in our ventilation systems improve, we strive to make use of these enhancements. The Delta T systems Inc. “Touch Control” system is the realization of product improvement.

Designed with system installation simplification in mind, the touch system frees the installer from many of the wiring installation requirements of the past, while at the same time reducing the component count in a simple and straightforward ventilation fan control system. Touch was developed with machinery and engine room spaces in mind.

The “Touch” system uses only a high-quality operator interface to directly control the speed drive or drives without a PLC in a separate box. Instead, we have harnessed the control power located within the speed drives themselves.

The Interface Touch screen can be powered directly from the ships 24VDC if the power is steady and remains between 20 and 28VDC. For those whose engine alternators may exceed the 28VDC, we can provide a DC-to-DC regulator, or a traditional AC to DC power supply may be used.

The display is linked to each drive by a single daisy chain connection; using two wire shielded communication cable, no special tools are required, no knowledge of Ethernet systems, no hubs, no special crimpers to make RJ45 or RJ11 connections. Likewise, a system input can be connected to any of the drives and all will stop in the event of an emergency stop condition. Any circuit, a fire system relay, emergency stop manual operator or damper limit switch can be connected to the closest drive and will be transmitted to all drives.

What if the display should fail? All drives can be operated locally in the event of a display failure, so that the vessel may continue to operate.

With a simple operator interface screen, all functions are clear, and easy to understand. No need for setup, parameter or configuration screens during install. Your Delta T Systems Sales Engineer will configure a system matched to your desires and your boat's ventilation package.

The TC system is designed to provide all the functions of the Delta T Systems C1 and C2 Digital Ventilation control, with available upgrades that these earlier Digital Ventilation Controls could not have due to the limitations of their technology. Shown in Figure 1 above is a sample screen of an operating Touch Control, which was downloaded over an ethernet network. It has been equipped with the temperature display upgrade. As you can see it is an icon type of display instead of a text based operating display. The space temperature is currently 77 Degrees F or 25 Degrees C. The fan is stopped and the fan speed is at 20%.

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