Delta “T” Systems is recognizing its eighth anniversary representing Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks. It’s the Finnish company’s exclusive agent in the United States, and Central and South America for sales, service, testing and recertification. Incapable of opening under load, the hooks are the safest way to deploy a rescue boat or other small craft.

To better serve its flourishing marine hook customer base, Delta “T” Systems has continued to enhance its Cranston-Eagle business over the years. It created custom recertification programs for the US Navy and Washington State Ferries, and worked with the US Coast Guard to introduce models that carry their approval as well as SOLAS certification. Offering a full inventory of parts and hooks, its dedicated facility delivers faster turnaround times than shipping to Finland and uses custom-built load testing and recertification equipment. Combined with a successful marketing strategy and expansion into Latin America, Delta “T” has greatly increased the product line’s brand awareness and reputation for safety.

“It’s been a privilege to work with Cranston-Eagle and an honor to serve the mariners who may one day need to trust their lives to these hooks,” said Lynn Oien, Delta “T” Systems president. “This is why we’ve taken such care in developing this side of our business.”

Contact Delta “T” Systems, 858 W 13th Ct., Riviera Beach, FL 33404. 561-204-1500; Fax: 561-848-1611.;

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