11 Inch Axial Fan

Ignition protected 11 Inch (279.4) DC Axial Fans with flow rates to 1424 CFM (2419 m3/h)

  • 12 Volt DC - Part No. 500-311122IP
  • 24 Volt DC - Part No. 500-311242IP
Spec Sheet – 11 Inch DC Fan



CE Labeled with integrated safety guard and reversible hub/blade assembly. Ignition proof construction, conforms to J1171, ISO 8846 and ISO 9097.


Ideally suited for small vessel engine rooms and OEM applications where compact high flow ventilation systems are required. The 11-inch Axial Fan provides nearly 9 times the air volume of small DC centrifugal marine blowers and the 9″ Axial Fan provides 2 to 3 times the air volume of small DC centrifugal marine blowers with low electrical load requirements.

Design & Construction

Our Axial Ventilation Fans are specifically designed and built for the rigors of the marine environment -œ not adapted from other industries. With a flanged shroud made of glass filled nylon, this unit provides a nearly indestructible, compact fan with superior corrosion resistance. Simply changing motor polarity, removing the hub/shaft clip and reversing the hub allows this fan to be used for “pusher” or “puller” applications.


A specially marinized sealed DC direct drive motor provides quiet reliable service. Motors are totally enclosed (TEAO) double-shielded ball bearing type. Constructed with die cast aluminum end plates, O-ring seals, stainless steel shaft and tough black Teflon epoxy coating for superior corrosion resistance. Armatures are dynamically balanced for quiet, long-term, vibration free operation.