C2 Control System

The C2 ventilation control system is designed to provide variable speed control of one or more cooling fans to control the vessel's engine room temperature. Each C2 system is designed with axial fans sized to provide enough cooling air to maintain the engine room temperature below the engine manufacturer's specifications.

Spec Sheet – C2


The C2 controller gives the vessel operator the ability to adjust the fan speed based upon the operating conditions. The fan operation is controlled by a touch screen interface located in the engine room or at a remote location. The touch screen interface allows for control of multiple fans from a single location. Fan direction can be reversed and flow can be increased or decreased directly at the touch screen.

The C2 control system requires the use of three-phase fan motors and adjustable speed drives to allow the operator to speed control the fans via the touch screen interface. The C2 controller includes a contact to accept an engine run signal to initiate ventilation system startup. The C2 controller safety features include an interface with the onboard fire system for immediate shut down of the fans in case of a fire. The C2 controller also provides an interface for an emergency shut down switch.