Chilled and Heated Moisture Eliminators

We also offer heated units to eliminate ice build-up on the moisture eliminator, along with chilled units for critical applications in extreme high outside air temperature environments.


SETH trace heated inlet vanes prevent inlet icing for power generation, oil and gas, HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, and diesel engines.

These heated vane inlets provide anti-icing protection in freezing conditions preventing any harmful build-up of snow or ice. SETH vane separators efficiently remove sea spray, mist, drift, rain droplet, bulk water, salt and other fine deliquesced aerosol debris from air intakes.

Each vane is trace heated giving a uniform temperature rise across the whole area. We can supply individually thermostatically controlled units or there can be a central control. The system can be safe or hazardous-area rated to suit the client requirements.

If whole system trace heating is not required we can also just trace heat the drain trough and pipes to prevent any standing water freezing.

This equipment is compatible with the following products: WL1, SE1, SE2, and SE3.

Vane and louvre spacing is typically accomplished by adding spacers or clips between vanes or louvres. By inserting tubes through holes in the vanes and then expanding those tubes, the expanded tubes permanently lock the vanes in place.

A heat transfer fluid may be added to the Tube Technology spacing, and heated or cooled to generate a desired air inlet performance. Heating prevents inlet icing and may reduce emissions. Cooling increases air density, improving system performance.

Design advantages:

  • No spacers, clips, or potential loose hardware
  • Spacing between vanes or louvres can be varied to match performance needs
  • Product strength and reliability is improved
  • Combines water removal with coil technology for substantial performance gain
  • Can heat fluid in the vanes or louvres to prevent inlet icing
  • Can heat or cool the air stream for desired air temperature