Drain Options

There are three possible drain options on a Delta T Systems moisture eliminator for this purpose. A Delta T Systems’ application engineer can make suggestions as to which option is best suited to a particular vessel.


Moisture Eliminator Drain Options

Delta T Systems’ moisture eliminators collect and remove water from the incoming engine room air. The water that collects within the moisture eliminator must have a way to drain out of the filter as it is stripped out of the air. Listed below is a brief description of the three possible drain options for a Delta T moisture eliminator.

Face Drain

The face drain option is one of the most widely used. It allows water to drain out of the face of the moisture eliminator and drip overboard or on to the deck where it will drain overboard. There is no plumbing required for the face drain option.

Bottom Drain

The bottom drain option allows the collected water to drain out of the bottom of the moisture eliminator box where it will collect in the plenum box that houses the moisture eliminator. Water in the plenum box will then be plumbed out of the vessel as desired.

Sump Drain

The sump drain moisture eliminator is fitted with hose barbs on the bottom of the moisture eliminator box. The hose barbs are used to accept hose which is plumbed out of the vessel as desired.

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