Head Vent System

The Head Vent System is a compact multiple head ventilation system that features a single plenum box which houses a powerful blower, four zone dampers and the control electronics.

Head Vent Cut Sheet


This system has been designed specifically for marine applications on board vessels of all types and is capable of servicing up to four separate heads at one time. If the system is set up for automatic operation (recommended) a motion sensor in each head will initiate the extraction of air in that head when it is occupied. After the occupant leaves the head, the system will continue to ventilate the space for a predetermined length of time and then it will shut off automatically.

If automatic operation is not desired, switches may be used in place of the motion sensors and the occupant can simply turn the system on and off when it is needed. Installation of the Head Vent System is simple and uses standard PVC pipe for intake lines and flexible hose for the single exhaust line to the exterior of the vessel.