Inline Duct Fan

The performance characteristics of this in-line fan make it ideal for marine applications. Flow rates range from 122 CFM to 649 CFM with maximum allowable airstream temperatures of up to 140° F.

All models are speed controllable using the WC 15 and WC 25 Adjustable Manual AC Fan Controls.


Spec Sheet – Inline Duct Fan


Delta T Systems line of versatile In-line fans are available for ducts from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter. They feature a rugged plastic housing constructed of UL-recognized, UV-protected thermoplastic resin for the ultimate in lightweight corrosion-proof in-line applications.

The tough protective shell allows the fan to be mounted in wet locations on board a vessel, which makes it suitable for a wide range of marine applications including multiple point exhaust and dual head exhausts.

Because Delta T Systems in-line fans are caulked at the motor screws, the wiring cables and along the seams of the fan to prevent moisture from entering the housing. They are approved for wet locations. Installation and wiring are simple and the compact size allows the fan to be mounted in the inherently tight spaces on board a vessel. The fan comes pre-wired and has been designed for easy connection using an external wiring junction box with a waterproof gasket.

All of Delta T Systems in-line duct fans are supplied with a mounting bracket and installation instructions for fast, trouble-free installation.