Model 200-ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX


SWL/WLL: 3500 kg / 7716 lb (6:1)

HOOK TYPE: Open Boat Mounted Off-Load Hook With Positive Lock

RELEASE TYPE: Off-Load Quick Release With Pull Cable

ZAPR Parts List Instructions ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX Cranston Eagle Hook Catalog USCG Certification Model 200-ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX


The 200-ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX hook is a robust all stainless steel boat mounted off-load release hook which is ideal for marine applications when launching rescue craft and other similar vessels from a ship. It is widely used by navies, coast guards and commercial vessels around the world. 200-ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX hooks are controlled by a pull cable emanating from the side of the hook. It is mounted using two bolts at the base of the hook.

The 200-ZAPR-356-C2B-VMX hook has a positive lock feature. Mounting bolts are included with the delivery.

Approved by the US Coast Guard
SOLAS, USCG Approval No. 160.133/22/0

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