Modular Dry Exhaust

At Delta T Systems, we believe that a vessel’s dry exhaust system should be cost effective, light-weight and simple to install with a clean professional appearance.

The DINAK GE dry exhaust system features thin wall stainless steel modular components, which are insulated and designed for the exhaust of combustion gases. Never before has it been so easy to design and install a quality dry stack exhaust system on board a vessel.

This aesthetically pleasing and cost effective exhaust system solution may be easily installed by boat builders or refit yards without any special tools or training and produces a highly efficient exhaust system with a long life span and superior performance.

Spec Sheet – DTSI Exhaust Systems  Spec Sheet – Dinak Naval GE DTSI  Lloyd’s Certificate  ABS Design Assessment  ABS Manufacturing Assessment


Dry Exhaust System Features

Turn Key Dry Exhaust Packages
  • Lloyds Type Approved DINAK modular components 304 or 316 stainless steel with 2″ thick insulation, sheathed exterior with 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Components easily engage each other seamlessly and seal with a silicon strap then a sheet metal clamp around the seal and v-band style band / clamp which compresses the
    joint from one component to the other – no fasteners or special gaskets required
  • Traditional flanged connections on muffler
  • Stainless steel expansion joints for muffler connection
  • Traditional flanged connections on expansion joints
  • Gaskets, fastener kits, clamping systems, mounting straps supplied with system
  • Anti-vibration mount systems
  • Exhaust terminus out stack with rain cap and nal elbow type 316L stainless steel
    Fully Engineered, and Guaranteed Performance
    Guaranteed to meet or exceed engine manufacturer’s back pressure requirements and out side temperatures to conform to classification requirements (as long as mufflers purchased
    from DTSI)
    DTSI Stocks Common Fittings / Diameters High Performance 2″ Thick Insulation
  • 110 TO 140°F outside temperature, depending on exhaust temperature

Extremely Lightweight in Comparison to Traditional Schedule 40 Black Iron Pipe

  • Example: 3′ section of 12″ black iron pipe with 2″ insulation weighs 194 lbs
  • In comparison, 3′ section of 12″ ID modular with 2″ insulation and sheath weighs 40 lbs
Two Year Warranty
Modular Component Design
  • Preset piping lengths, adjustable piping lengths, multiple elbow configurations and terminus arrangements as well as a full selection of mounting brackets

Pieces Can Be Easily Removed and Reinstalled Without Damaging the Components Units Designed to Accommodate Thermal Growth

  • Inner wall and outer sheath for each section has integrated bellows geometry where required No Welding Necessary
  • No custom fabrications required and all components are predefined and ready to install Extremely Simple and Quick Installation
  • Does not require any formal training or specialized tradesman for installation Proven Track Record
  • Product has been used successfully with many European shipbuilders for almost two decades

Installation Drawings Provided

  • A full system drawing package is provided with each system with clear definitions of component locations
  • DNV Type Approved Dry Mufflers – Coated Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (Muffler insulation quoted upon request)
  • DNV Type Approved Muffler Performances Offered
    • 18-25 dBa, 30-35 dBa, 35-40 dBa
  • Expansion Joints and Joint Insulation
  • Primary expansion joint from engine should be procured by customer from engine manufacturer. DTSI can quote upon request.
  • Custom Components Can Be Fabricated Upon Request
  • Engineering Services Available
    • For retrofits and difficult new builds, DTSI can dispatch an engineer on site to design system that will be guaranteed to fit within the vessel (this service is quoted above the system pricing, travel, field rate, expenses)