Weather Closures


Delta “T” Systems’ Weather Closures offer a new closure solution to offshore vessels, work boats, crew’s quarters, pump houses or any other situation that requires an opening to be shut down due to weather. Designed to fit any size or shape opening, this closure may be remotely shut down in the event of bad weather, beam seas, extreme wind, or security.

Electric actuators are used to remotely close or open any weather closure from the helm or any other location as needed. Designed and built for the rigors of offshore conditions, the marine grade aluminum housings are available in mill finish or powder coated to any color.

Housings will also accept paint, so they may be painted along with the rest of the vessel. The Delta “T” Systems Weather Closure also features the same moisture elimination technology that has been used for many years on thousands of engine rooms of vessels around the world.

When the weather closure is open, the moisture eliminator will remove the water and salt from the incoming air and is 97 percent effective down to ten microns in water particle size. The water then drains overboard through slots on a face drain. Even a driving rain is no match for the water separation properties of the Delta “T” Systems moisture eliminator.

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