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World leader in engine room ventilation solutions

Founded in 1992, Delta-T Systems is the world leader in marine engine room ventilation solutions with systems on over 19,000 vessels world-wide. Since the beginning, innovation and engineering played a critical role as well as a healthy “there has to be a better way” attitude. Today, the “better way” includes purpose built marine fans and blowers of all sizes, moisture eliminators, fire dampers, smart controls, modular dry exhaust systems and off load hooks. Each built to withstand the harsh marine environment in which you operate. We invite you to see for yourself why Delta-T Systems is the only serious choice.

In the “early days” marine fans – if they were used at all – were typically industrial fans that were repurposed and thrown on a boat. Lynn Oien, one of the founders of Delta-T Systems, knew there had to be a better way. Engines need the proper amount of air flow and operators/owners needed machinery that would last longer than yesterday’s fish. Lynn started from the ground up and totally redesigned his fans for the environment in which they were to be used. Along the way came moisture eliminators to keep salt water out of the engine spaces, fire dampers to promote proper air flow and smart controls to tie it all together to make a balanced system. The result? Huge life cycle cost savings and a safer environment for operators and passengers alike. Innovation is an often-overused word unless it fits – and at Delta-T it does.

Recently, Delta-T Systems joined the Centek Industries family of companies which also include Centek Marine, Fortress Pilings, and Fiberglass Tubing supply. Centek Marine is the premier designer and manufacturer of marine exhaust systems, Fortress Pilings are fully composite piles which will replace traditional piles made of wood, concrete or steel, and Fiberglass Tubing Supply provides composite tubing for a wide variety of non-marine applications. This new partnership with Centek Industries is a terrific match in terms of innovation (that word again), engineering support, and customer focus. We are looking forward to working with you on your next project.

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