Delta-T Offload Release Hook Solutions

Marine Off-Load Release Hook Solutions

Never Compromise On Safety.

Cranston Eagle Hooks – simply the best boat and fall mounted release hooks available. Exclusively distributed and re-certified through Delta-T Systems.

All stainless-steel construction with models from two to twelve tonnes. Tested to 6 times it’s rated safe working load for the maximum in lifting safety and reliability.

Boat Mounted Hooks

Open boat and roof mounted hooks for a wide variety of vessel lifting applications.

Fall Mounted Hooks

Cable mounted hooks either with or without shackles for use on davit and crane applications.


US Coast Guard/ SOLAS (Approval Nos. 160.133/22/0, 160.133/35/0, 160.133/65/0, 160.133/77/0).

Load Testing and Certification Services

Delta-T offers load testing, rebuilding and recertification services with documentation to help you stay on top of the 5-year SOLAS and IMO requirements.

How it works.

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Overdesigned Stainless Bodies

Robust, welded stainless steel bodies and simple mechanical designs make Cranston Eagle hooks reliable and trouble free.


Negative Angle Lock Pins

Lock pins mechanically designed to open only when load is completely off the hook. The safest type of marine release hook.


Lock Inspection Hole

Allows quick confirmation that lock pin is fully engaged and the hook is ready for use.


Bolt On Peripheral Parts

All peripheral parts are bolted to the frame. Maintenance and component replacement fast and easy either on the workbench or in the field.

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