Delta-T Engine Room Ventilation

Engine Room Ventilation Solutions

Optimal Engine Performance, Longevity, and Safety

Balance proper air flow and temperature, prevent saltwater intrusion, mitigate catastrophic engine room fires all with smart, intuitive controls. That is what we do at Delta-T Systems.


Fresh air in, hot air out. Expertly engineered solutions for optimal engine performance, longevity, and cost savings.


A balanced ventilation system is critical for keeping engine room temperatures at the perfect level. Protect man and machine with properly engineered solutions.


Water, especially salt water, has no place in the engine room. Stop it at the source with strategic placement of moisture eliminators in the air intake openings.


Fuel, heat, air – in combination – can spell catastrophic engine room fire. Prevent it with properly engineered dampers. Coast Guard approved, trusted worldwide.

SMART Controls

Fans working in harmony, temperature and air pressure optimized, moisture removed, dampers closed in case of fire. At the touch of a button or automatically.

How it works.

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Moisture Eliminators

Uniquely designed louvers which stop moisture from entering the engine room. Helps prevent corrosion that can destroy engine room equipment.



Remain open during normal operation but close automatically to seal off air in case of a fire event. Critical so that fire suppression systems can do their job.


Marine Fans

Engineered to bring the proper amount of fresh air in and exhaust the hot air out. Balances the flow for optimal engine performance and crew safety.


Control System

The brains of a properly engineered ventilation solution. Coordinates fans and dampers to achieve optimal temperature and pressure in the engine room.

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