Delta-T Moisture Eliminator Solutions

Moisture Eliminator Solutions

Stop The Intrusion Of Corrosive Salt Water

Salt water has no place in the engine room or anywhere else on board. Stop it from entering with a Delta-T Moisture Eliminator. It is too costly not to!

Impingement design separates water droplets as small as 10 microns from the airflow

Engineered for vertical or horizontal airflow

Profiles available in white or black PVC or Aluminum

Customization available to fit unique openings

Design and engineering help a phone call away

How it works.

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An elegant solution to a real problem on any boat. The Moisture Eliminator is specifically engineered to remove the damaging water in a simple yet effective way.


As dry air passes, the entrapped droplets form a film on the profile and collect to form larger droplets


Gravity pulls the droplets to the bottom of the eliminator, and they drain overboard


Custom configurations available to fit any opening

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