Delta-T Fire Damper Solutions

Fire Damper Solutions

Robust, Failsafe Fire Dampers – Leave Nothing To Chance

When it comes to crew and passenger safety, fire dampers by Delta-T Systems are the only serious choice.

Unique design of closure and actuator assure failsafe operation

A-60 rated dampers are USCG, MED and SOLAS approved

Suitable for use with CO2, Halon, FM-200 and other pressurized suppression systems

Wide range of standard sizes - custom designs available for most any application

How it works.

Properly designed and engineered fire dampers play a critical role in a balanced, safe ventilation system.

Fire Damper Diagram 1 View Larger

When open, allows fans to pull fresh air in and push hot air out


Test switch allows for operational checks and inspections without having to replace the device

Fire Damper Diagram 2 View Larger

In the event of a fire, the actuator closes the blades so the firefighting equipment can do its job


Patented, overlapping blades assure secure closure

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