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Sales by Delta-T Systems, Inc. are subject to the following terms and conditions. Terms or conditions appearing in buyers purchase orders that are contrary to the following terms and conditions shall not be binding on Delta-T Systems unless specifically agreed to in writing


Types of Payment Accepted: Wire Transfer, Company Check, Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. (Bank fees are the responsibility of the customer and may not be deducted from Delta-T Systems’ proceeds.)


Terms of Payment: Without prior credit approval, payment is due at the time of order. Unless otherwise approved by Delta-T Systems, all orders of custom products require 50% down payment with the order and 50% at time of shipment.


Credit Approval: Contact Delta-T Systems’ accounting department to request a credit application. Every effort will be made to expedite the approval process.


Freight Policy: Prices are Ex Works and excluding packaging. Delivery to the initial carrier constitutes delivery and passage of title to the Buyer. Incident to the passage of title, the Buyer assumes all responsibilities of ownership, including but not limited to control, risk of loss or damage – regardless of the time or method of shipping, the form of the shipping documents, the consignee, the method of insuring or the terms or method of payment. The terms F.O.B., F.A.S., C.I.F., etc. refer only to the price and not to the time or place the title to the products passes from Delta-T Systems to the Buyer.


Delivery: Scheduled shipping dates shown in Delta-T Systems’ order confirmations are approximate and represent the best estimate of shipping date at the time the order is processed. Delta-T Systems assumes no obligation to ship on the scheduled date or to advise the Buyer that shipment will be delayed. Delta-T Systems shall have no liability for any liquidated damages or penalty whatsoever because of failure to ship as scheduled unless specifically agreed to in writing.


Shortages or Deficiencies: Any shortages or deficiencies in material shipped must be reported within 5 calendar days after receipt to be considered for adjustment by Delta-T Systems. All documentation available of any shortage or deficiency must also be submitted to Delta-T Systems within 5 calendar days.


Proposals & Price Quotations: Any quotation from Delta-T Systems to the Buyer is an invitation for offer from the Buyer upon the terms and conditions as stated. Such offer will be accepted only if it is in accordance with these terms and conditions. Delta-T Systems’ acceptance of the Buyer’s order as evidenced by Delta-T Systems’ order confirmation is expressly made conditional on the Buyer’s agreement to all of the terms and conditions stated and Delta-T Systems agrees to furnish the products ordered by the Buyer only upon these terms and conditions. Prices are valid for the period noted on individual quotations.


Resale & Reshipments: The Buyer agrees that products purchased will not be reshipped or resold to any persons or places prohibited by the laws of the United States of America.


Product Changes: Because of a continuous program of product improvement and uncontrollable factors such as unavailability of certain materials, Delta-T Systems reserves the right to make reasonable changes in product design and to supply products of revised design against any order without notice.


Changes to Orders: Orders may be changed in size and quantities if made prior to the start of fabrication.  Such change orders may result in delays. Requested changes to orders after the start of fabrication may be allowed (at the option of Delta-T Systems) upon agreement in writing that customer will bear any incremental costs incurred by Delta-T Systems. When shipment of an order is delayed at the Buyer’s request after material has been ordered or fabrication has begun, partial payment may be required at Delta-T Systems’ option in an amount based on the purchase price and the percentage of work completed at the time delay in shipment was requested. Completed orders for which shipment is delayed at the request of the Buyer may incur charges to the Buyer to offset storage or warehousing expenses.


Return of Material:  Most Delta-T Systems products are fabricated to a customer’s specific order and are therefore not returnable. Non-customized (stock) products may be returned subject to a 15% restoclong fee and prior approval from Delta-T Systems. Any returned material must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization Form issued by Delta-T Systems covering the specific transaction. Material must be returned “Freight Prepaid”.




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